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Protect your property from the risk and distress of a probate estate

We are the Simplest, Quickest, and Most Cost-Effective way to protect your Home or Real Estate Investment from Probate without the headache and expense of establishing a trust.

You can win the fight against probate and take the power of home ownership back into your hands by getting to know our helpful and powerful team.

There are over 70 million homeowners in the United States. Greater than half of these hard-working property owners are exposed to the perils of probate.
In Southern California the average home value is over $600,000. If one of these  homeowners passes away and they are not protected, their estate could be exposed to mandated probate court, and attorney fees which can total $32,000 or more. That is why we are adamant about saving you from the costly mistake. So, what is probate? Well, it’s time to address the elephant in the room. Probate is the court mandated legal process, that takes place upon your death. When it comes to your real estate, if there is no written plan, then the state will be subject to probate. This process can be costly time-consuming and can emotionally bankrupt your loved ones. However, there’s good news, all of this is completely avoidable if you get to know us. For most people their home is their greatest asset. it is our belief that your property should not be controlled by the court’s approval. So, we have reinvented the fight against the probate process by putting power back into your hands. We are on a mission to help you protect your home by directing it to the people you love. We have carefully designed this process to help your loved ones avoid the hours and possibly years of time wasted in a sluggish and complex court system. By knowing our team of expert, you will save them time, their sanity and best of all thousands of dollars. The probate process often leads to battles over money. We understand that these conflicts can often destroy precious relationships especially within families. we are honored to be providing a solution that helps save relationships and avoids these family battles. The ARK Team is the simplest way for you to protect your property from probate, know uncomfortable private discussions, no attorney fees and no fine print surprises best of all. Our process can be completed in a little as a couple of hours. We recognize that estate planning decisions can often be intimidating and complicated. So it’s our promise to our customers that we will be with you from start to finish and ensure that your documents are processed and recorded in a timely cost-effective manner while protecting your personal information with high-tech bank level security our expertise and full-service solution will give you the peace of mind of knowing that the people you love most will inherit your real estate exactly as you wish.
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