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If you are interested in Leasing Commercial Real Estate, you are at the right place. Leasing commercial real estate is a special process. It requires a lot of ideas and knowledge that combine into a successful lease agreement that meets the needs of all the parties involved.

The following  is our Commercial Real Estate Leasing Service key components:

Determine Space Requirements / Analyze Needs

  • Location

  • Amenity and Service Requirements

  • Space Components / Staffing Projections

Survey Market

Selection of Qualified Properties

  • Location

  • Amenities and Services

  • History of Current Landlord

Technical Property Review / Physical Tour

Proposal Process

  • Prepare the Request for Proposal (RFP)

  • Distribute the RFP to Qualified Candidate Buildings

  • Review Proposals (landlord responses)

  • Evaluate Offers and prepare the Comparative Lease Analysis;

  • Background Report on Owner Performance, Functional Histories

  • Technical and Location Data is Reviewed


  • Develop the Negotiation Checklist

  • Solicit Input from Legal Counsel – Usually consulting with Tenants’ Attorney

  • Implementation of Tenant Resources

  • Mutual Execution of Lease Document

Planning / Permitting / Construction (if applicable)

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